State of the art monocoque carbon wheels

State of the art monocoque design and superb functionality.

Carbonautica's ultra light monocoque Y-spoke carbon sailboat steering wheels are unique in design, strength and quality.

We offer three design options:


Sport design with straight spokes (S)


3 spoke design


5 spoke design


Carbonautica sailboat steering wheels are built in one piece combining strength and weight minimization with the finest materials available. They have no weak joints nor secondary bondings.

All Carbonautica  wheels are fully compliant with EU Recreational Craft Directives and are certified to ISO 8847 (Certificates available on request)

Carbonautica sailboat steering wheels are supplied with many hub options:
* Aluminium anodized hub for any steering brand is standard.

* inox hubs are available on request


Description Dimension Weight
Carbon Y-spoke S 700 (27˝) 1450g
Carbon Y-spoke S 800 (31˝) 1550g
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/3s/5s 900 (35˝) 1750g
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/5s 1000 (39˝) 1900g
Carbon Y-spoke E/S/5s 1100 (43˝) 2100g
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1200 (47˝) 2250g
Carbon Y-spoke E 1300 (51˝) 2400g
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1400 (55˝) 2600g
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1500 (59˝) 2870g
Carbon Y-spoke E/S 1600 (63˝) 3290g
Carbon Y-spoke S 1700 (67˝) 3800g

All the weights are without Hub.
Max variation of the weight +/-5%.