State of the art monocoque GFC wheels

We offer four design options:


Elegance design with curved spokes (E)


Sport design with straight spokes (S)


3 spoke design


5 spoke design


The performance of carbon at a fraction of the cost. Our GFC (Glass Fibre Composite) sailboat steering wheels are manufactured using our new mould injection process. In the past few years we have worked hard to optimize the build process. This way we can always maintain the same strength and quality as well as making production times faster and more optimized. The unique bit is that the sailboat wheel is made of glass fibre composite with an aluminium hub so is a similar overall weight to the carbon version. Best of all, it is a third of the price.

Description Dimension
GFC Y-spoke E 600 (23˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 700 (27˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 800 (31˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/3s/5s 900 (35˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/5s 1000 (39˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/5s 1100 (43˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1200 (47˝)
GFC Y-spoke E 1300 (51˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1400 (55˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1500 (59˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1600 (63˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 1700 (67˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 1800 (71˝)